1Spodek Law Group P.C. is a law firm in New York City. They are considered the best Medicaid Fraud Law Firm in NYC. The Firm has been in business for over thirty six years. They have three offices in NYC; the Manhattan office, the Queen office and the Brooklyn office. If you need to file a Medicaid fraud claim, they will give you a free consultation, will determine your eligibility, do what it takes to resolve the case,and they charge a flat fee. let us talk a little about what is Medicaid fraud and what is a Medicaid fraud lawyer.


Medicaid is government sponsored health insurance. In order to qualify, you must fill out an application. They will want your total income, assets, pregnancy, disability, age, blindness,US status. It is mostly for low income applicants. If you do not tell the truth on the application, and they find discrepancies on the application, you can be charged with Medicaid fraud. If you lie about the services you received, you will be charged with Medicaid fraud. There are other scenario’s, but basically this gives you a good idea of what it is.


A Medicaid fraud lawyer will assist you in a fraud investigation. The lawyer will try to present reasonable doubt, or have the charges reduced to a minimum. The lawyer will protect all your rights.

If you are a NYC resident, and are being sued by Medicaid, The Spodek Law Group will be more than happy to assist you in the matter. They charge a flat fee, and have payment plans. They have three offices in NYC, they are available 24/7, and they are recommended by the BBB. The Spodek Law Group are considered the best medicaid fraud lawyer in New York City.


Dangerously Guilty Or Not? How Brave NY Medicaid Fraud Lawyer Beats Prosecution

Medicaid crime and fraud could land the accused in prison or jail if investigations produce concrete evidence connecting him or her to any form of unlawful misconduct. When someone is implicated, it’s prudent to seek professional counsel from a licensed Medicaid fraud lawyer. The US government has been under the protection and advisement of the False Claims Act since 1983 after Congress sanctioned the 1963 Lincoln Law. Violations have rapidly increased since then, and health care fraud, particularly Medicare and Medicaid is fast becoming a serial crime nationwide. Even the slightest mismanagement or any illegal use of government spending programs is punishable by law.

Since Medicaid fraud is so highly specialized, it’s undertaken by a specialist task force and investigation team. The MFCUs (Medicaid Fraud Control Units) commissioned by the state is authorized to prosecute any violations. Forty-nine of fifty states have Attorney General MFCUs as oversight to prevent improper use and wrongful provision or issuance of federal or state funding. These agents are vigilant in handling Medicaid prosecutions and investigations. All states have marginally different statutes pertaining to Medicaid fraud violations. When MFCU agencies suspect any form of violation such as Medicaid program beneficiary neglect or abuse, provider misappropriation of funds and billing fraud, they’ll do thorough investigations.

Even if one isn’t guilty, getting a specialized NY medicaid fraud lawyer is the right recourse for legal protection. Home health practitioners/agencies, nurses, dentists, pharmacies, counselors, doctors, hospitals and DME companies are routinely investigated by MFCUs should any questionable circumstance arise. The False Claims Act allows MFCUs to exercise their authority in bringing anyone to justice, be it a provider or company suspected of committing Medicaid fraud. With limited knowledge and understanding of the laws pertaining to Medicaid programs, professional consultation is a necessary action. If one is suspected of defrauding the state by wrongfully claiming or securing Medicaid benefits and there’s quality evidence to build a lawsuit; MFCUs won’t hesitate to take fierce actions.

Reasons to Hire a Medicaid Fraud Attorney Sooner Than Later

The moment you are contacted about having to report to court to answer the charges of Medicaid fraud, you should drop everything and get legal help. This is not like going to traffic court and simply talking your way out of a fine or suspension of your driving privileges, this is serious stuff. The number of benefits of hiring the best local Medicaid fraud attorney can not be understated.

Consider the following as soon as you get that notification you have to appear to answer these charges.

The biggest benefit to hiring the Medicaid fraud attorney is they will ease your mind during this stressful time. Each day that passes without legal help, you are left to wonder what will happen, and the worries only get bigger each day. Don’t add unnecessary stress into the mix here, get legal help and the answers you need right away.

Your Medicaid fraud attorney is going to help you to help yourself by telling you exactly which types of documents that you need in order to get the best possible resolution to the case. Your lawyer has been in this situation many times, so they know exactly what documents it will take to give you the best chance of getting a lighter verdict.

When you are in court and the judge is deciding on your fate, having a local Medicaid fraud attorney can lessen that blow. Regardless what the judge says, your medicaid fraud lawyer will negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible outcome for you on that day.

Don’t delay, call the local Medicaid fraud attorney now and give them all the time they will need in order to make sure that you are going to have the best possible chance of getting out of this case with your finances in tact.

Reasons to Hire a Local Medicaid Fraud Attorney


When you are contacted by the state and they want answers concerning fraud to the Medicaid system, time is of the essence and you need to take action fast. What usually happens is that most people get frustrated or nervous, and so they do nothing and allow time to simply slip by. By taking action today you can eliminate a degree of stress and leave the worry to the professionals.

Here are some reasons to be calling the local Medicaid fraud attorney for help.

The first thing that your Medicaid fraud attorney is going to do is analyze that correspondence and help you to better understand what caused this to occur in the first place. It could be something as simple as you moving out of a jurisdiction, so the state wants to make sure that you are who you say you are in order to continue receiving benefits. The on the other end, it could be that you were anonymously reported and the state wants you to answer to those charges. Your local Medicaid fraud attorney will be able to analyze and determine the best course of action to keep the courts happy.

Once your lawyer is on the case, they will ask you for certain documentation so they can begin laying the groundwork to get you out of this situation. Your attorney has been in that court several times this month and they know the judges and prosecutors by name. They also know what it takes to be able to give the court what they need so you get a favorable outcome. Your medicaid fraud lawyer will fight to lessen any fines, loss of benefits, or monies needed to be paid back if requested.

Don’t make the mistake of going to court unprepared, it will only turn out bad.

How a Medicaid Fraud Attorney Can Get You Clear


When you are under suspicion of fraud against the Medicaid system, the sooner you speak with a lawyer who understands the complexities of this type case the better. This is not traffic court that you will be attending, the judge in these cases is tired of the courts being flooded with similar cases and will make an example of you if you think you can show up unprepared and try to talk you way out of the charges.

Here are some reasons you need to have a skilled medicaid fraud lawyer working on your behalf.

Finding the Evidence to Prove Your Case

In most cases, people who are notified that they nee to show up to court go into a panic state. Rather than call in the expert Medicaid fraud attorney to take care of issues early on, they wait until the clock runs out and then go to court to take their medicine. They wold be shocked to find that had they called in the help of the Medicaid fraud attorney early enough, the attorney could have uncovered information that could have put the whole issue to bed without ever having to go to the courts. Make the call today and let the lawyer handle the grunt work.

Helping You to Avoid Serious Penalties

When a person does not call in a lawyer and tried to deal with the judge face to face, they are often shocked with the penalties they face as a result. The judge can hand down a number of fines that could set a person into a financial spiral or the judge might even suspend the benefits. On the extreme end, the judge might permanently take away the benefits or demand a person pays back all the benefits that they have received up to today.

Getting Assistance From a Medicaid Fraud Lawyer


Medicaid is a government program offered to people with low incomes. This type of program is also available to some senior citizens and people who are disabled. This program provides free health coverage to qualified individuals. Anyone interested in enrolling in this program needs to fill out an application and get approved by their county department of social services. There are some instances when someone might not include all of the necessary information to become approved. If someone gets approved and later is determined to have perpetrated fraud, they could be in need of a medicaid fraud lawyer.

Getting Legal Help

If the department of human resources feels they have a case against someone for medicaid fraud, they will send out a letter to the individual requesting information. Anyone receiving a notice from their county department of social services about medicaid fraud should immediately contact a qualified lawyer. The best way to find a medicaid fraud lawyer is to search online. An experienced law firm such as Spodek Law Group, will provide information on their website about the laws regarding medicaid fraud. They could also have information about the investigation process and helpful tips on the process of investigation.

Protecting People’s Rights

Most government agencies do not have the time or manpower to check on everyone who files for assistance. In most cases these agencies run checks when they receive a tip that someone might not have disclosed all of their information. Since most government programs require disclosure of all income received, a tip could come as a bank statement showing an unusual amount in the person’s account. An experienced medicaid fraud lawyer protects the rights of their clients by assessing the situation and gathering information. This allows them to create the best possible case when representing their client in court.

NY Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

1If you’re looking for a medicaid fraud lawyer, now is the time to figure out which techniques you need to put in place to ensure that you locate the ideal person. Some of the attributes that the best medicaid fraud lawyer will have include:

  1. Positive Online Reviews.

One technique you can employ to ensure that you find the ideal medicaid fraud lawyer is checking her or his online reviews. This technique will empower you to determine whether the lawyer in question is known for providing clients with legal services that they approve of. If you find a medicaid fraud lawyer that consistently receives glowing online reviews, it’s safe to say that they’ll be able to provide you with the incredible assistance you’re looking for.

  1. Reasonable Prices.

In addition to confirming that the medicaid fraud lawyer in question regularly attains positive online reviews, make sure that the representative in question comes from a firm that charges reasonable prices. Taking this step will empower you to avoid overspending on your legal services.

  1. A Complimentary Consultation.

A great medicaid fraud lawyer should allow you to attain a complimentary consultation. During the consultation, you should be able to ask key questions that weren’t answered when you did online research about the legal company in question (Don’t forget to do your online research to determine whether going in for the consultation is even necessary!). Getting the complimentary consultation is wonderful because it provides you with the opportunity to learn whether you have or can build good rapport with the medicaid fraud lawyer in question.

Don’t Delay: Find The Ideal Medicaid Fraud Lawyer Today!

Once you’re ready to find the right medicaid fraud lawyer, it’s important to know how you can locate a qualified, professional candidate. Use the steps and strategies outlined above to make it happen!