Dangerously Guilty Or Not? How Brave NY Medicaid Fraud Lawyer Beats Prosecution

Medicaid crime and fraud could land the accused in prison or jail if investigations produce concrete evidence connecting him or her to any form of unlawful misconduct. When someone is implicated, it’s prudent to seek professional counsel from a licensed Medicaid fraud lawyer. The US government has been under the protection and advisement of the False Claims Act since 1983 after Congress sanctioned the 1963 Lincoln Law. Violations have rapidly increased since then, and health care fraud, particularly Medicare and Medicaid is fast becoming a serial crime nationwide. Even the slightest mismanagement or any illegal use of government spending programs is punishable by law.

Since Medicaid fraud is so highly specialized, it’s undertaken by a specialist task force and investigation team. The MFCUs (Medicaid Fraud Control Units) commissioned by the state is authorized to prosecute any violations. Forty-nine of fifty states have Attorney General MFCUs as oversight to prevent improper use and wrongful provision or issuance of federal or state funding. These agents are vigilant in handling Medicaid prosecutions and investigations. All states have marginally different statutes pertaining to Medicaid fraud violations. When MFCU agencies suspect any form of violation such as Medicaid program beneficiary neglect or abuse, provider misappropriation of funds and billing fraud, they’ll do thorough investigations.

Even if one isn’t guilty, getting a specialized NY medicaid fraud lawyer is the right recourse for legal protection. Home health practitioners/agencies, nurses, dentists, pharmacies, counselors, doctors, hospitals and DME companies are routinely investigated by MFCUs should any questionable circumstance arise. The False Claims Act allows MFCUs to exercise their authority in bringing anyone to justice, be it a provider or company suspected of committing Medicaid fraud. With limited knowledge and understanding of the laws pertaining to Medicaid programs, professional consultation is a necessary action. If one is suspected of defrauding the state by wrongfully claiming or securing Medicaid benefits and there’s quality evidence to build a lawsuit; MFCUs won’t hesitate to take fierce actions.