Finding Your Local Medicaid Fraud Lawyer


Finding Your Local Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

If you are shaking in your boots because you got a notification that you are currently being investigated for Medicaid fraud, then you have every right to be nervous. Too many people make the mistake at this point of sitting back because they think doing nothing will just prolong the inevitable. Quite the opposite is true, if you allow the deadline to come and pass, expect the court to come down with severe penalties that could impact your way of live for many years to come.

Understanding the Charges Filed

When you are notified that you have been put under suspicion of defrauding the Medicaid system, the first course of action should be getting yourself the best possible medicaid fraud lawyer. If nothing else, at least consult with one so you can get a better understanding of exactly what is going on here. The charge could be as little as them wanting to speak with you about your current address that is different from the one on your original application. On the other end of this spectrum, your employer may have reported you for filing incorrect financials, and for this you could be facing serious charges.

Dealing With the Punishment

If you only have to make changes to your application, the lawyer can help get everything in order so no damage is done. If the charges are more severe, the court might request that your benefits be stopped immediately. In some cases, the courts can request that you repay back every penny you received in benefits, and then add interest and fines on top of all that money to really make this situation worse. In extreme cases, the courts have been known to sentence individuals to jail for taking money that was not theirs. Your lawyer will be your best chance to settle amicably.